I mount two netware shares within /etc/fstab at my FreeBSD desktop and I
noticed in the past that linux applications like mulberry can not access
these volumes. Now I noticed that linux-mozilla-firebird is also not
available to access these shares, but it reports a permission problem:
"You don't have the permissions necessary to view this directory"

The permissions are set to 755 for all directories and to 644 for all
files down the complete hierarchy. Owner and group are my local user:group.

Maybe someone knows how to solve this problem, it would help me to stay
with FreeBSD on the Desktop, because the fact that I can not access each
directory from some applications is really annoying in the long term run :(
Any ideas are welcome :))

Does anyone know, if this issue is solved in rel. 5.x?

best wishes and thanks for your help,

PS: I started with FreeBSD on the Desktop since release 4.6, today I am
using 4.9. The problem was always the same.

PPS: if you need any additional information, please let me know

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