Patrick Rooney wrote:

Want to give it a try!

Good for you!

Very experienced with all versions of windows, have been building computers for 15 years..
Sick of the windows restrictions.....

You mean "where do you want to go today" didn't get you there? ;-)

What am I in for??????????????????

A good user community, a stable OS, more learning about computers (yup!) and plenty of reading, see below... a bit more care in how things are done, faster patches for security issues, but more work tweaking to get things to run the way *you* want them too...

Have tried many versions of Linux.....There are too many anymore.....

Yep, I decided that when I saw "Chainsaw Linux..." :-)

Where is a good place to start?

5.2-RELEASE. Grab the floppies from and install over the 'Net.

What's a good read to get up 2 speed???????


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