> unfortunately, it's likely it's your fault for using email, hehe...

Damn this new fangled technology! If only this mailing list was backwards
compatible with the USPS. :)

> at
> least one of the recent windows viruses steals addresses from the address
> books of infected machines and sends out mail to/from those addresses.
> It's likely that someone that had your address in their address book was
> infected and your email address got abused as a result.

This is what I was wondering, if somehow my email address had just been
snarfed from this list or if some poor soul on the list was infected with
such a virus.

> i have definitely
> felt the pain of that over the last month, as i'm sure many others have.
> i can't even avoid the pain of using windows by not using windows anymore.
>  i have to convince everyone i know not to use windows :)

Yeah, it's a real shame and trying to get people out of their comfort zone
to try something else seems to be nigh impossible :). But at least I feel
better about what I've configured so far... it's now time for me to learn
more about stopping spam at my server. I believe there was a thread about
this not too long ago. Off I go.

> aaron


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