"Ajitesh K" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hi friends,
> I am getting this error message from my name server "nserv1". As far as i
> know PC "user5" is a Win XP (Home) PC.
> nserv1.lan.company.com ipfw denied packets:
> > 65535  759856  86646781 deny ip from any to any
> nserv1.lan.company.com kernel log messages:
> > d31d9003494bbb68e17ab" rrset exists delete IN A user5.dhcp.company.com add
> 300 IN A user5.dhcp.company.com no such RRset.
> nserv1.lan.company.com login failures:
> nserv1.lan.company.com refused connections:

Looks like "user5.dhcp.company.com" is trying to submit a DNS update
for itself.  Some versions of Windows do that by default...
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