martijn wrote:


I am trying to install and run interchange on my FreeBSD server.

Brave... it's not completely straightforward.

I first
updated the ports directory-> succesful. Then I did a
"make -DCHECK_FOR_IC_USER all install". This went all well. A new user and
group (interch) is added and it seems that it is installed properly. Next
thing to do is creating a new catalog for interchange. Therfor I did the

% cd /usr/local
% bin/makecat

A wizzard starts and I accepted all the defaults. And somewhere the wizzard
is asking for the location of "vlink".

vlink does NOT seem to be compiled by the port installation process. You need to compile it explicitly yourself as a second step.

As I did not know what the right
thing to do was. I searched for this file and found it in


No, you found files named:                 mvctl.c                 vlink.c
cpan_local_install      testcgi
mod_interchange         tlink.c

Either go into this directory and compile vlink, or use the perl script tlink. The makecat process just copies one of these files to your cgi-bin and renames it foundation, or whatever.

Interchange is a swine, in many ways. I run it myself for several clients, on FreeBSD. If you need more help, maybe mail me off-list becaus this is interchange, not FreeBSD. It's also a swine on Linux.


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