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> Try
> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=quotaon&sektion=8&apropos=0
> &manpath=FreeBSD+5.2-RELEASE+and+Ports
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> Subject: RE: Disk Quota Question
> I've followed the manual on FreeBsd 5.1. Recompiled the kernel with
> quota
> options. It is on the  /usr file system. everything appears to be
> running
> correctly.
> I've made entries to fstab by the manual also.


> But when I quota -u USERID I get
> mail# quota -u USERID
> Disk quotas for user USERID (uid 1001): none
> Either I'm missing something or something isn't working. Where do I
> look next.

I sounds to me as if you've enabled all of the quota machinery, but
that you need to actually initialise the system and set some quotas
for each user on the partition.  You need to run quotacheck(8) to
initialise the quota.user and/or quota.group files -- that should
happen automatically when you reboot, or you can run it manually by:

    # quotacheck -v -a

That may take some time to run, and there shouldn't be any activity on
the filesystem while it is being checked -- best way to ensure that is
to drop to single user mode while you run it.

Having done that, what's the output of:

    % repquota /usr

To set up the quota limits for each user use edquota(1).



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