Pedro Sam wrote:
On Wednesday February 18 2004 20:30, Robert Huff wrote:
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Just wondering... if one installed 4.9, would the system be stuck with really outdated userland apps? or would CVSup be able to update the userland ports, without changing the base system?

A FreeBSD 4.9 installation will contain quite modern userland applications. You can use cvsup to update both the sources for userland or for the ports collection.

You can also install a port (by default things go under /usr/local) to get a newer version of software than what FreeBSD ships, but the base system and ports are kept seperate (by default, again).

This way, one can get an update(perhaps unstable) userland, but need not fear the OS crashing...

If you want maximum stability, track RELENG_4_9 for now; otherwise track -STABLE (which is RELENG_4, currently).


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