I know this question doesn't relate directly to FreeBSD, but because I use both sftp and scp on FreeBSD systems constantly, I thought someone here might know.
If I sftp into a server and get a file, it usually transfers at about 1.2 KBps - regardless of interface, machine speed and connection speed. If I transfer a file via scp, it transfers at around 6.5 MBps on a gigabit link. If the link is slower, it still transfers at a rate many multiples of my sftp transfer. Is there a reason why one form works faster than the other? I remember someone once mentioning that sftp is really designed to run at a much slower rate than is available on many intranetwork connections these days. If this is true, is there a way to make changes? Is scp also limited by a number of speed factors? (Because even though it is much faster, it still is not necessarily moving at a speed my network gear is capable of.)

Steve Fettig
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