On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 09:46:35AM +0100, Danny Carroll wrote:
> Thanks for the information...  I really need the space now so I am going to wipe
> it and start from scratch, although I am not sure if I will use vinum again.
> I guess my main concern is that when one of my disks crashed, the ufs filesystem
> got corrupted and I really did not expect that to happen.
> It could be ignorance on my part, I dont know but perhaps someone can help me
> understand how this could have happened?

Filesystems can get corrupted if the system crashes and does not cleanly close the
filesystem first.
In your case I'm personally not too sure - some more questions perhaps can help.

- Were you using softupdates on the filesystem?
- Did the system panic/reboot when the disk crashed without shutting down cleanly?
- What version of FreeBSD are you / were you running?

> Another thing, Greg, you mentioned that I should have a second plex if I wanted
> to protect the data.  You mean like a mirror?  Surely 1 is enough when we are
> talking raid-5?

Raid-5 should still work if a single subdisk fails.  
In your original post you did not indicate if you were using raid5 setup.

If you had configured the subdisks as a concatenated or striped plex then there
would most likely be no way to continue with a disk missing unless there existed
a second plex with a copy of the data.



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