> Thanks, I have not read through the files you sent, but I have
> a point I want to clear up.
> I installed the package version and it does not have the help stuff.
> I am coming to the conclusion that the person who built the package
> which is distributed from the FBSD ftp site did it wrong, as it is
> missing this stuff you have access to.
> I think this is me problem. Should I submit this as  problem report?

I don't know since I have not educated myself on the process of building a
package so I don't know what the intended outcome should be. Maybe you are
or maybe you're not experiencing a 'real' problem.

May I suggest you remove said package and just build the port, it sounds
like it would save you a headache. If I recall it's not that big and
wouldn't take but a few minutes.

# cd /usr/ports/dns/ez-ipupdate
# make install clean


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