Matthew Seaman wrote:

On Wed, Feb 18, 2004 at 12:52:48AM -0500, Bob Perry wrote:

I googled (first time ever for FreeBSD issues) as suggested and found
the message you referred to. My system date/time was 5 hours off, if I
remember correctly, so I set the time with 'date 0402172134' and started
my upgrade again with 'make buildworld'. Everything ran smoothly,
except for mergemaster...still not 100% with that function yet. I
rebooted successfully, around 12:30am but my system clock is back to the
5-hour difference as before reading 5:30 am. Must have set it
incorrectly. Will have to read the man date page more thoroughly.

It sounds to me as if your bios or CMOS clock is set to wall-clock time, which is the norm for windows systems, rather than to UCT, which is the norm for Unix systems. We can also deduce that you are probably located on the US East coast... Since the system clock is set from the bios clock at reboot time, this explains the observed symptoms.

You can fix this behavoiur using /usr/sbin/tzsetup -- the first dialog

Is this machines CMOS clock set to UTC?

I remember running this command during installation. I selected "No" because I
wasn't sure and proceeded per installation instructions.

If your machine is dedicated to FreeBSD you should answer 'Yes'.

Selected "Yes" this time around and subsequently set BIOS clock accordingly.

you have a Windows partition on the machine that you sometimes boot
into, you should answer 'No'.  Then go through and choose an
appropriate timezone for your machine.

If you answer 'No' to that question, a zero-length file
/etc/wall_cmos_clock will be created, which cues the system to account
for the difference between wall-clock and UCT when referring to the
CMOS clock.

Otherwise, you should go into your system BIOS and set the clock to
the correct UCT time.

I rebooted and this seems to work.


FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE-p2 #0

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