At 03:33 PM 2/20/2004, Marwan Sultan wrote:

  I want to add a rule to ipfw which activate from 3AM to 3PM : says:
  ipfw 05000 add deny all from to any

  How to run the scripts? thro crontab I fixed my crontab to
  0 3 * * * /path/
  0 15 * * * /path/

Marwan, are these scripts running as root? Perhaps you could modify the scripts to do

ipfw -a list

when they end, and put their outputs in a file e.g.

0 3 * * * /path/ >> /root/ipfwJob
0 15 * * * /path/ >> /root/ipfwJob

Also add

echo deny (or enable) starting

to the top of each script then post back with the contents of /root/ipfwJob after they've both run.

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