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On Fri, 20 Feb 2004 10:13:35 -0500 (EST), "Jerry McAllister"
> >
> > Hello All,
> >
> > I'm having a hell of a time getting XP Pro and 4.9 on the same drive.
> > I've tried various ways to get them to co-exist to no avail.
> > Here's what I'm trying to accomplish;
> >
> > 30 GB HD total
> >
> > First 24 GB = XP
> >
> > Last 6 GB = 4.9
> >
> > Installed XP first, then 4.9, said NONE at the boot menu during install.
> There is your problem right there.
> You should have selected the full MBR.
> Then everything would have fallen in place with none of that
> other fixboot stuff at all.
> Just make sure your XP is fully installed first and boots OK
> Then install FreeBSD and select the MBR (not 'none' and not 'standard')

Actually, you should choose to install a standard MBR and *not* to use
the FreeBSD boot loader in order to accomplish what you describe below.

You are wrong here. During the install you are offered three options:

    BootMgr   Install the FreeBSD Boot Manager
    Standard  Install a standard MBR (no boot manager)
    None      Leave the Master Boot Record untouched

You want to choose the first one to install the FreeBSD Boot Manager
The standard boot record will only boot FreeBSD and nothing else.

If the OP had said he wanted to use the FreeBSD boot loader, I would have been wrong to tell him to install the standard MBR. But what he asked for is to use the *NT bootloader* to boot into FreeBSD. (Read what the OP wrote just below my sig.) To do what he asked (use the NT bootloader), rather than what you are intent on telling him (how to use the FreeBSD bootloader), the correct method is to install a standard MBR and then follow the instructions in the FAQ I cited below.


> > What I want is to have the nt boot loader give the choice to boot into
> > bsd by using the boot1 -> bootsect.bsd method in boot.ini.

Read the following FAQ carefully.  If you try it and are unsuccessful,
come on back here and let us know what happened.

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