i have a 3ware 7410 with 4 250G disk in a raid5 config.

at one point i lost a disk and for some reason the system
kernel paniced and rebooted.  not knowing that the array
had gone to a degraded state i did a fsck and began
correcting errors that it found.  after noticing a lot of
unrecoverable files i aborted the fsck where i later
learned of the condition of the array.  i copied over some
important data and left the array unmounted till i was able
to replace the failed disk.

once the disk was swapped out i had the 3ware card rebuild
the array.  it was after this that it seems that the
disklabel and other related filesystem information has
disappeared.  there were no errors on the rebuild and as
best i can tell the data should be there but i'm not sure
of how to access it, if at all conventionally.

i'm running 4.8 using the twe kernel module.  anyone have
any suggestions on how to move forward or am i looking at
sending all the disk to a data recovery company?



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