On Sat, 21 Feb 2004 11:52 am, David Bear wrote:
> I recently replace an ait tape drive with another one of the same
> model,, a sony sdx 300.
> Now, when I try to do anything with /dev/sa0 like get status or
> erase, I get a ton of errors.  Below is the output of dmesg from
> it.  Do I need to remake the sa device?  Don't know why things
> would be timing out.  I have an active terminator on the unit.. it
> is an external tape unit, connected to an adaptec 29160 card
> (wide).  It is the ONLY device on the scsi card and set at ID 10. I
> am using freebsd4.9.

I dont know but have you done what you can to eliminate hardware 
Why did you replace the old one?
Did the new one ever work?
Will the new one work on another machine?
Will another tape drive work on this machine?

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