ouyang kai wrote:
i found a strange case, i have tested the three machines(PIII 800 & FreeBSD4.9-stable,
P4-1.6G & FreeBSD4.8-release, P4-2.0G & FreeBSD5.2.1).
I use "sysctl -a | grep machdep.tsc.freq" to get the CUP speed. But, I failed on the P4-1.6G machine. Nothing appears.
Should I set some additional stuff on the P4-1.6G machine? I have do nothing specailly for the other two machines, but it works.

Is the P4-1.6G machine a multi-processor system, that is, was the kernel compiled with the SMP option? If so, there is currently no TSC support on multi-processor systems, for technical reasons I understand. So in this case 'machdep.tsc.freq' is omitted from the kernel and therefore cannot be queried.

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