On Sat, Feb 21, 2004 at 02:47:56PM -0600, Jamie wrote:
>    I'm curious as to what the longest uptimes are people have seen on
> production servers. We've got a FreeBSD machine here with an uptime of 506
> days. It is a file server and it also runs spamassassin for another
> machine. Too bad we have to take it down to replace a motherboard tonight
> with leaky caps. It would have been fun to see if it could have made it to
> 999 or higher.
>    I'm curious as to what the highest uptimes people have seen on their
> servers. With times like that, you can't help but fall in love
> with FreeBSD!!

Dear Jamie,

I don't feel having high uptimes is sucha good this. Both for security
reason and big software fixes. Therefor mine usaly stay below 45 days.


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