ouyang kai wrote:
> Uwe wrote:
>>Is the P4-1.6G machine a multi-processor system, that is, was the kernel 
>>compiled with the SMP option?  If so, there is currently no TSC support 
>>on multi-processor systems, for technical reasons I understand.  So in 
>>this case 'machdep.tsc.freq' is omitted from the kernel and therefore 
>>cannot be queried.
> No, there are all UP system.
> [...]

Okay, then there are apparently more reasons for its ommission than just
SMP.  After all, 'machdep' means "machine dependent". ;-)

> I think the difference is the P4-1.6G machine enable APM-BIOS, if so, how can I get 
> the CPU speed?
> Because the CPU speed info in the 'kern.msgbuf' will be rushed after the machine run 
> a long time and a lot of kernel msg.

Did you consider parsing '/var/run/dmesg.boot'?  That one won't change
over time.

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