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getty(8) is pretty light weight, and it doesn't take much extra memory to run multiple copies of it. It's also the case that while you may not need to log in via the console during normal usage, when you do need console access then you generally need it very badly.

Fine if fbsd wants a dozen copies running. In fact since I don't have X installed would just as soon have all 12 pf keys mapped to cli consoles for if/when am sitting at the console.

My issue is one of UI, especially for "top". It would be nicer imo if those 1/2 doz getty processes were to display on one line somehow... maybe indicating the number running and a way for me to expand them if needed [which is essentially never which is my point]. So something like getty, necessary and there for the appropriate reason, i.e. it displays on "top" because it should, nonetheless is a light weight, in my case rarely used process that ends up consuming 1/3 or so of the screen real estate.

You can run apache 1.3.x through inetd -- see the 'ServerType' directive in httpd.conf:

As it says in bright red letters: "Inetd mode is no longer recommended and does not always work properly. Avoid it if at all possible."

In that case...

ServerType no longer exists in apache 2.0.x.

Doesn't bother me, I migrated backwards to apache 1.3.x on 3/4 servers because it seems the more common version, at least for Unix. My windows gateway runs apache 2.0 because it's pretty much restricted to being a documentation repository for faqs, manuals, and the like.

I guess it's something I might try if I found out it was still in common and accepted commercial use, which from what you've said does not sound likely or at least wise.

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