Thanks to JJB, callback is set up, e.g. ISP calls back & modems
answers the call. The most stupid bug was in /etc/ttys:

  ttyl0 "/usr/libexec/getty callback1"  dialup  on

  (instead of ttyd0 - for Lucent winmodem driver).

    Now I've got more sophisticated callback problem. Saying again, when
calling directly no such problem exists, as for callback - Windows
client ppp seems not to produce any problems, so that's not ISP bugs:

[!!!] PPP fails to add default route, e.g. I can see his DNS
(gethostbyname(),...) & the whole local network (for ex., his HTTP
server), but can't reach further.
# route get
says can't open roure socket, and here's the part of ppp.log (bugs're
marked with "[HERE!!!] -->"):

tun0: Command: incoming: set ifaddr
tun0: Command: incoming: add default HISADDR
tun0: Command: incoming: set authname MYLOGIN
tun0: Command: incoming: set authkey ********
tun0: Command: incoming: set logout ATS0=0 OK AT&W OK
tun0: Phase: PPP Started (direct mode).
tun0: Phase: bundle: Establish
tun0: Phase: deflink: closed -> opening
tun0: Phase: deflink: Connected!
tun0: Phase: deflink: opening -> carrier
tun0: Phase: deflink: /dev/ttyl0: CD detected
tun0: Phase: deflink: carrier -> lcp
tun0: Phase: bundle: Authenticate
tun0: Phase: deflink: his = PAP, mine = none
tun0: Phase: Pap Output: MYLOGIN ********
tun0: Phase: Pap Input: SUCCESS ()
tun0: Phase: deflink: lcp -> open
tun0: Phase: bundle: Network
[HERE!!!] --> tun0: Phase: deflink: IPV6CP protocol reject closes IPV6CP !
[HERE!!!] --> tun0: Warning: ff02:4::/32: Change route failed: errno: Network is 

  Can anybody deal with this? Here's incoming ppp.conf setup:

 set log phase tun chat cbcp command pap
 ident user-ppp VERSION (built COMPILATIONDATE)

 set device /dev/cual0

 set speed 38400
           \"\" AT OK-AT-OK ATS0=1 OK AT&W OK ATE1Q0 OK \\dATDP\\T TIMEOUT 80 CONNECT"
 set timeout 180            # 3 minute idle timer (the default)
 enable dns                 # request DNS info (for resolv.conf)
 enable vjcomp deflate deflate24 protocomp pred1
 accept vjcomp deflate deflate24 protocomp pred1
 set urgent udp +53

 set ifaddr
 add default HISADDR
 set authname MYLOGIN
 set authkey MYPASSWORD

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