If you look at the archive at the time I origionally posted, you'll find some 4 others with the same issue. A resolution was posted.

I had inquired on how the issue could get included in the erratta and got no reponse. The bug, erratta bit, and other issues with FreeBSD left me uninclined to move away from Linux towards BSD. We'll check back perhaps when 5 becomes stable.

Michael L. Squires wrote:

I can confirm an issue posted Dec 3rd, freebsd-stable maillist, titled
"4.9 install buglet".

I experience this bug running the install (various configurations) 100%
of the time. After install, after system reboot, the boot loader comes
up with F1: FreeBSD, and reboots continually forever. To test, I made 3
installs without issue using 4.8. So first, I'd like to confirm the bug
report, and ask the following.

I'm running two systems with 4.9-STABLE and haven't seen this problem. I did see this kind of thing back in the 3.X days when my HD was not correctly detected by FreeBSD during an install. The solution was to create a small DOS partition on the HD and then do the install.

I've done complete re-installs for 5.1-RELEASE on two other systems and
haven't seen this, either.

Mike Squires

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