I'm trying to help a firend of mine get an imap server running on one of
his FreeBSD 4.9 STABLE machines.

We have built the UW imapd port, and installed it. However we seem to be
habing a bit of a problem making it work. 

Tha man page, and the docs (which I only found in the ports work directory
for some reason, don't they get installed somewhere?) All seem to agree,
that it shoud "juts work" However in our case it does not :-(

Cruently we are gettin error messages like this in /var/log/mailog:

maillog.0:Feb 22 19:40:26 ops2 imapd[59881]: Unable to load certificate
from /usr/local/certs/imapd.pem, host=router.XXX.net []

As you can see, this box is located on a DMZ, behin an OpenBSD firweall
(running pf). WE have that box redirecting port 993 to teh FreeBSD box
running imap.

What am I missing here?

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