Aaron Peterson wrote:

i put a user in the operator group in /etc/group:


and attempted to dump a live filesystem:


what am i missing here?

nevermind. i had to log out and log back in. that solved me problems. now my only question is why does one have to log out and log in for
addition to a new group to take effect?

Why does adding an environment variable to your .profile, .login, or .cshrc not affect your environment unless you source the file?

Why must you -SIGHUP a daemon after
changing its configuration file?

Why does adding a virthost to your
httpd.conf not take effect until you
restart the daemon?

The system has to be informed *somehow*
that you've changed something....

Let's face it, it's much better than
"you have to restart your computer
for changes to take effect.  Do you
wish to shut down your computer now?"


Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
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