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FreeBSD does not have "init" levels. You've got off, single-user, and

As Dan said, FreeBSD does not have init levels but you can switch to a text console from X-windows Ctrl + Alt + F[1-8] will all take you to a login prompt, Ctrl + Alt + F9 will take you back to X-Windows. Note that X must be running for this to work, otherwise you'll just have text consoles available. The number of consoles is configurable somewhere, I just can't remember where.

Noted with tks. Do you know the heading/topic of configuring consoles which will assists me to search on forum/handbook. FreeBSD is quite new to me. Tks

and the method switching to multi-user-mode from single-user-mode
instead of rebooting PC

To go to single-user do 'shutdown now' as root, It'll ask you for a path to a shell or you can hit enter for /bin/sh

Noted with tks

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