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After starting 3 'Xterm windows' I can start KDE 3.1 from any one of the 'Xterm window' with;

# startkde

It worked with KDE started.

3) On INIT 3/text mode I can login either as 'root' or as 'user' with correct password without problem

I haven't used xdm in ttys for a long time, and suspect this is an
obsolete method. If you enter "kdm &" at a root prompt, kdm should

Hi Mike,

Tks for your advice which works.

What is '&' for

I don't see why you shouldn't put it into /usr/local/etc/rc.d
to make it work on startup, and I am pretty sure I used to run it that way.

/usr/local/etc/rc.d is a directory. Whether you recommend to create a file with only a single line :- 'Kdm &' (without quote) on it and save it to /usr/local/etc/rc.d/

Shall I 'chmod 775' the file created? Files in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ directory have an extension '.h'. Shall I name the file as xxx.h?



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