Hello guys! I have two questions about shellscripts:

1) I have a backup job that 'tar's a lot of files and currently I redirect
all output of the job to a log. Tar unfortunately lists all directories
that it goes through, even if nothing is 'tar'ed in those directories. So
my logfile contains all my directories. I want to filter out all lines in
my tar-log that ends with slash ("/") since those are directories. I want
to sort of do an inverse grep on the last character when tarring. Like:
tar -cvf myback.tar |grep -v "all lines that end with slash" > log.txt.
All files that are backed up contain the whole directory path (that's how
I want it) - so I can't simply do a reverse grep for the slash-char. Maybe
you could do something with awk? I'm a total rookie with awk, so I'm lost

2) The same backup job - is written as a bash script, and it works
perfectly when run by hand, but it won't run as a cron job. In fact I
can't seem to run even the simplest of shellscripts as a cronjob. I've
searched a lot on Google, but even though I guess that this is really
simple, I can't find what's blocking shellscripts in Cron. Other cronjobs
but shellscripts run fine. I've tried to enter the SHELL parameter in
crontab too...

Thanks for any feedback!

Mathias Haas.
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