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> I need to use a kernel debugger on FreeBSD 4.8 to check if
> my messages to the kernel have all the info required and if
> Is being processed.

I don't really understand what you mean here.

> DDB is the debugger mentioned in the handbook. Will DDB help
> Me debug the kernel on the target itself?

That's one possibility.

> All that I have read abt DDB is debugging from a remote box over a
> serial line.

No, that's gdb.

> I have rebuilt my kernel with the options
> # Kernel debugger support
> options         DDB
> options         DDB_UNATTENDED

A lot depends on exactly what you want to do.  There's an man page
gdb(4) in -CURRENT which will, to some extent, help you with remote
debugging.  Note that the macros mentioned are in 4.8, but they're in
a different form in the directory /usr/src/sys/modules/vinum.  You'll
have to play around with them to get them to work.  Also, 4.8 does not
support debugging over firewire.

If you have specific questions, I suggest you follow up on

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