Really hard to help you when you do not post what firewall you are
using and the nat rules you are using.

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Subject: port forwarding and ip-less firewall

hello list!

i want to ask some help on port forwarding in a bridge-firewall

our network setup is:

1. the router is outside the firewall, direct to the internet.
2. the bridge-firewall computer (2 ethernet cards installed, eth0 -
outside (router), eth1 - protected network) is between the router
and the protected network.

all the servers are behind the firewall and only opened the allowed
ports. i have 2 mail servers ( and
running on the protected network, is just an smtp
relay for and its working fine. however, i want to
put a rule (port forward) in firewall to forward request destined to (port 25), but that request should be first passed
to (for antispam processing) before unit2. unit1
should then be the one to forward the request to

why i want to do this is that, some mails are getting through and
received at unit2 without passing to unit1. in mx, unit1 is the 1st
prio and unit2 is 2nd prio only.

please help and give an idea on port forwarding rules between two
servers within the protected network.

thank you!

edison cala
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