Allen Mah wrote:
Hi Chuck, I will let our customers know. If there are any changes to our
IC's will this affect the loading of the driver?

Hard to say. It probably depends on what the changes are. :-)

For example: If our 372 IC became 372N would the driver still load?

If the PCI ID remains the same, the driver will still load and behave the same, yes. Without more technical details-- what is the difference between a "372 IC" and a "372N", anyway?-- I can't give you a more precise answer, sorry.

The person most directly responsible for supporting ATA hardware and ATA RAID functionality in FreeBSD is Soren Schmidt, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>. If I haven't been able to answer your questions adequately, then he would be the person to ask.


PS: Soren is also very busy; if you ask him to spend time discussing how well FreeBSD supports a particular Highpoint product, it would be appreciated if you could offer something in return. That certainly doesn't mean you need to compensate him for his time, nor does it necessarily mean that Highpoint should send an evaluation unit to him-- although, frankly, if Highpoint would like FreeBSD to support a new product to which Soren does not already have an example of for testing, the latter would probably be quite helpful.

However, simply making the datasheet and specs available to Soren, or maybe making an engineering type available for a few minutes to answer any technical questions he might have about your products in return costs nothing, yet is likely to benefit everyone concerned...

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