hay wrote:

No, nothing I see during boot. I have one IDE hard disk, 20Gb Maxtor. We
have CD driver enclosure pc case, if floopy is needed for everything for
what CD was invented? 5.2 booting iso image has problem? I dont know if
there is a problem or I dont know nothing about bootable CD writing...

Well we don't have any cd-rom in our servers. But I guess I've figured out the right solution for my problem. boot -c should help me. Next time I should read the man page more carefully.

Thomas Vogt

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Subject: boot disk uses the wrong scsi driver


I try to boot Fbsd 5.2.1 release from a floppy disk in order to make a
net installation. The boot disk uses always the wrong SCSI driver. It
loads every time the "adv" SCSI driver. But I need the "asr" driver. So
the systems hangs all the time. Is there a possibility to send a
paramater during the boot session to defines the SCSI right driver?
Something like "set hint.asr.enable="1"?

Thomas Vogt

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