This is on 5.2 but I think it is a ports issue.

I installed 5.2 from the ISO adding only cvsup with pkg_add. There were 4
packages installed as dependencies that were old that ImageMagick's
requirements. I did this two ways.

First I just installed with package and tested. This gets the error:

mneme# identify
/libexec/ /usr/local/lib/ Undefined symbol "__cxa_atexit"

So I uninstalled the each of the packages and updated with pkg_add. This gets
the same error. I am quit lost as how to proceed.

I am going to compile the package containing libfpx (when I find it) and then
compile ImageMagick. If that does not work I guess I will drop back to 4.9 and
try try again. Thanks for any ideas.

Douglas Denault
Voice: 301-469-8766
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