> hello, i'm eechia.
> i've come across your "mountroot" problem on the web.
> i'm facing the similiar problem too.
> can you give me some guideline regarding it?
> thanks you
> -eechia-
> Date: 12 jan 2004
According to me, you have choice:
1) start the kernel with "-a" option (e.g. "boot -a" ): with this flag the
device "ufs:/dev/ad2s1a" (warning: type in your appropriate device) is
accepted by "mountroot> " and the boot proceed. Than I can change the
accordingly to make the change permanent.

2) boot with a rescue cdrom, get a shell prompt and change the /etc/fstab
accordingly (yes this file is red before booting the kernel, to instruct
the kernel itself to the right root device);

But I've an unanswered question from freebsd-questions people:
  - Why without the boot "-a" flag, why the kernel ask me a device and
even it is the correct one vfs_conf.c:vfs_mountroot_ask() give me the
error code 6?

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