Gunnar Flygt wrote:

Has anyone any experience from running any virus scanners on a FreeBSD
Samba server? The server is serving mostly MS-workstations, so the
scanner should be proficient in finding the most common viruses in the
M$ world.

I use Sophos, because it has Windows and FreeBSD-compatible unix versions (along with Mac, OS2 and others) distributed on the same CD. It also includes an smtp virus scanner that works with FreeBSD. You can do a network installation to the samba fileserver from a Windows workstation, then do workstation installs on each workstation from the samba server. Updating thereafter consists of installing updated definitions (a process which can be automated) or AV engine software onto the fileserver. These updates then automatically propogate to workstations, without a reboot with recent versions of Windows. I can use ssh to update virus definitions remotely and these will be available immediately to the Windows users.


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