On Feb 27, 2004, at 12:27 AM, Benjamin P. Keating wrote:
I have a hard drive that had lots of important data on it. It was reformatted and I have no backups (lesson learned). It was a ccd mirror of two 100gig drives. Once the reformat of this ccd completed the machine was shut down to prevent writing to this disk even more so.

By this you mean, you used ccd to reformat the drive as part of a newly created RAID-1 mirror?

If you just newfs'ed the disk, most of the data blocks will still be intact and can be recovered (to some extent). However, if you did create a RAID filesystem on the disk, you are out of luck. The process of creating a RAID-1 or -5 volume involves syncronizing all of the disks, which will overwrite every sector on the drive.

I'm sorry that you lost data.


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