Charles Swiger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: On Feb 26, 2004, at 5:59 PM, Aloha Guy wrote:
> Charles Swiger wrote:
>> There's your issue right there: if you care about the millisecond 
>> level
>> granularity of network traffic going by this router, you ought to set
>> HZ to 1000 as documented in "man dummynet".
[ ... ]
> Knew I forgot to read something.  I guess I forgot all about dummynet 
> is the one doing the traffic shaping as I never used traffic shaping 
> on the other boxes when they were used as both Ethernet and T1 
> routers.  I've always had NMBCLUSERS set to 32768 which I assume is 
> fine.

Thats a lot of NMBCLUSTERS, but if you've got the memory you should be 

> Also, is there a way to use two NICs like a xl0 and a fxp0 and bond 
> them together with just one IP?

Yes, netgraph. See "man ng_one2many"....

I actually had the NMBCLUSTERS set that way even with 128MB boxes without issues but 
the box in question has 2GB of ram so it's not much of a big deal.  I tried the 
ng_one2many and it did help bring things closer to 80Mbps from 60Mbps.  I guess the HD 
is the bottleneck as it's only a notebook and even with the 7200rpm 60GB 2.5" drive, 
the sustained transfer rate is limited.  Tried the HZ 1000 setting and recompiled a 
new kernel but it didn't really seem to do anything at all.  I'm wondering what's the 
highest setting it will work with.Thanks,John

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