You can also Grub it up:

Grub is a popular and well-supported OSS boot loader....



Jud wrote:

On Thu, 26 Feb 2004 17:18:01 -0900, Mark Weisman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Just out of curiosity what is the order in creating a dual boot system?
Which operating system do you put on first? I see that having WinXP
setup in partitions is not a good idea, yet I'm not aware of how to load
the system in just a slice? I would appreciate any and all help in
trying to get this thing online. I need my workstation back as soon as
possible. Thanks.


I've got my primary drive divided in two partitions, one partition had

WindowsXP and the other has FreeBSD 5.1-Release on it. I had WindowsXP

installed and working until I put FreeBSD on the second partition and
had it take control of the MBR. I know that the other partition is
still bootable if I can get a pointer to it, currently the boot menu
shows it
  F!: ??
  F2: FreeBSD
How can I get that first menu choice to look at the installation on


first partition as bootable? Making the machine a dual boot between


two system?

First off, don't worry about slice vs partition - Jerry was just telling you those are the names used by FreeBSD and Windows, respectively, for the same thing.

Second, how to get your dual boot going -

1. I think if you do what you've already done in FreeBSD (set the Windows slice/partition bootable) and then type "w" to write the change, that should work.

If it doesn't, two other alternatives -

2. If you have a Win9x emergency boot/system floppy hanging around, use fdisk to set the Windows partition/slice active, then reboot; or

3. Install GAG, a free, easy and automagical boot loader. <URL:>.

Hope this helps,

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