> Now to what I can understand, the biggest problem is the proxy arp. I can 
> have bc compuerts connects to bs, but I cannot let them access other hosts 
> on the LAN. A true example: bc1 is, on the other side of the 
> tunnel is (bs). bs also have a NIC address bc1 ping 
> and just fine, ping other hosts gets time out.
> I do have "enable proxy" (and "enable proxyall") in my ppp.conf; I do have 
> gateway_enable="yes" in my rc.conf. So it is a simple question: ppp 
> connects okay, but  proxy arp is not working, what should I do? 

what is your routing table?

# netstat -rn (should work on freebsd, windows (cmd) and mac os X (terminal)) 

> Now I just built a bluetooth based LAN access server, that is to run 
> several serial connection over bluetooth, so you can think they are many 
> simple serial connection, and ppp runs over the connections through tun. 
> The network is like this:
>      [gateway/firewall:] --- [many hosts, -]
>              |
>              |     +-- [ <-tun->] -- [bc1]
>      [bs:]+-- [ <-tun->] -- [bc2]
>                    +-- [ <-tun->] -- [bc3]
> is also the DHCP/DNS server. bs means bluetooth LAN access 
> server, bc1 is a notebook computer with bluetooth, bc2 is another, and bc3 
> yet another.

why? PPP server can assign IP addresses just fine without any DHCP.
just put ppp/bluetooth clients on a separate subnet, i.e. in ppp.conf
on bs something like (check with ppp(8) man page)

  ... other stuff ...

  set ifaddr
  accept dns

  ... other stuff ...

start rfcomm_pppd(8) with '-l server'.

now all ppp/bluetooth clients should be of subnet. make sure

- all ppp/bluetooth clients have default route set to

- bs has gateway_enable="YES"

- bs has valid entries in /ets/resolv.conf

- all non-bluetooth clients should have route to ppp/bluetooth clients
  via bs, i.e. to reach subnet packet should go to bs (

> I have pppd running on bs. I'm pretty dumb with ppp, to get it working I 
> setup three ppp lables in /etc/ppp/ppp.conf, holding the address from 
> to

read ppp(8) man page and look at /usr/share/examples/ppp/
> Currently bc1, bc2, bc3 connect to bs correctly, I don't have any 
> route/proxy to let bc to connect to other computers in the LAN, say 
> Now I wish to make the network really transparent, that is as if 
> bc1, bc2, bc3 is in the LAN, to be pinged and sshed. I wish to make:
> * upon each ppp connection, bs ask to assign an IP address from 
> address pool to bc, also let give other dhcp information like 
> dns server, search domain etc. If bc love to register a DNS entry it should 
> be able to do so.
> * When someone in LAN (say wish to connect to bc2 it should be no 
> problem (so-called proxy arp).
> I hope I'm clear. Am I still far away from getting that work? Where to find 
> a guide to achieve that? Thank you!


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