You might want to try booting the box with a Win98 Rescuse disk and running 'fdisk /mbr'. This -should- re-window-ize the MBR. Then run fdisk from the prompt and set the Windows partition as active. Reboot and see if Windows boots normally. You will not see any indication of the existance of the BSD installation at this point. Should Windows come up okay, install Grub (or GAG if it suits your fancy) and you -should- be off and running.

DISCLAIMER: The ^^^ -should- ^^^ is in there because I'm not entirely familiar with your environment and configuration. As always, when working with partitions, it is possible that you will lose one, both or all of the slices and installations on the box. If there is anything worth keeping, ensure you have it backed up...



Mark Weisman wrote:

I appreciate the ease of installation of Gag, however, my objectives
still not being met, when I boot into the Windows partition, I get an
error that shows little red squares in a diagonal pattern across the
screen. No Windows?

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3. Install GAG, a free, easy and automagical boot loader. <URL:>.

You can also Grub it up:

Grub is a popular and well-supported OSS boot loader....

Absolutely. I've happily used Grub, but turned to GAG when I went to RAID-0.

Grub is an excellent bootloader and learning tool.  The only reason I
didn't include it in my recommendations to the OP was that I figured
he'd be happier at this point with something very easy and automagic.



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