I am trying to get procmail to send email to my Maildir in my home directory, but
it keeps putting it in /var/mail/henninb. I am sure I just missed a setting,
can someone help point it out. here is how everything is setup currently.



~/.pmdir> cat recipes
* ^FROM:.*(|spamsenders)


cat .qmail
|preline /usr/bin/procmail -t ~/.procmailrc || exit 111

cat .procmailrc VERBOSE=on MAILDIR=$HOME/Maildir/ PMDIR=$HOME/.pmdir LOGFILE=$PMDIR/log

cat .muttrc set spoolfile=~/Maildir/ set mbox_type=Maildir

ls ~/Maildir courierimapkeywords courierimapuiddb new courierimapsubscribed cur tmp

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