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I tried removing everything in my recipes file, but that didn't work.
Any more thoughts?

What is the contents of your /var/qmail/control/defaultdelivery file?

Is it ./Maildir or ./Maildir/ ?

Also regarding Andrew Gould's post, in part below,

1. In recipe examples that I've seen, there is a space between the zero
and  second colon in ":0 :".  I don't know if this matters.

With the Maildir format, the second ":" is not needed in recipes, as no locking is needed, just one of the benefits of Maildir format over mbox. Mail is not stored on a spool, but as individual emails..

One other thing I just thought of... I have this at the top of my .procmailrc file... (in my home dir)..

Put your paths here.. and


You also need a catchall recipe at the bottom..


or some such..

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