Philippe Vachon wrote:

I guess I was trying my best to avoid having to recompile the Kernel, and stick with the stock kernel in 5.1. Are there any alternatives to recompiling?


Phil V.

Jorn Argelo wrote:

Do you have the following kernel options compiled in your kernel?

device          pcm
device          sbc

I believe you don't need a soundblaster kernel module then, but I am not sure.



On Friday 27 February 2004 17:41, Philippe Vachon wrote:

Hey Folks.
I just subscribed to the list, but I've been using FreeBSD on and off
for a few months now. There has, however, been one thing lacking from my
FreeBSD setup and that is the ability to play sound!

I followed the directions in the handbook (namely adding the line to
load the snd_ab16.ko kernel module to loader.conf) and adjusted the
volume. The sound, when it does play, is compressed -- i.e. runs at 10
times the speed it should. I can't even play any audio with XMMS.

Anybody have any ideas? It's a Creative SoundBlaster 16 PnP ISA card
(model CT4180), and it's in a PIII450 box with an ASUS P2BF motherboard.
Any help will be appreciated.

There is a *long* list of loadable modules in
/boot/kernel/ ... check out the ones that have
snd* in the title.

Then, $man kldload.....


Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
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