Hi Brian,

--On Friday, February 27, 2004 05:01:03 PM -0600 "Henning, Brian" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I gave that a try.
echo ./Maildir/ >> /var/qmail/control/defaultdelivery


When I run:
gotmail --use-procmail --procmail-bin `which procmail` -u b1henning -p

It delivers in the mbox instead of the Maildir.
I tried you recipie changes you sugested and the .procmailrc changes.

I am not familiar with gotmail, but maybe it is calling the default global .procmailrc file instead of your local .procmailrc file. Also check your procmail logs (if you have it turned on), and your logs from gotmail, if it has logging capabilities.. also, the newer procmail versions do support Maildir delivery, whereas the older versions do not.. and the older versions should be used with a program called Safecat, but not needed for newer procmail versions.

This not having a defaultdelivery file in your system also worries me, as it should have been installed by default.

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