In the last episode (Feb 28), Zhang Weiwu said:
> Several people are using notebooks in the office, the big desktop
> computer stores music. A good speaker is pluged into the desktop
> computer (FreeBSD).
> What do you think is the best solution to share the speaker? 
> These are what I can think of:
> * Marc Lehmann wrote a perl module for playing music with mpg123. Write a 
> cgi script and let people select playlist/control play on the webpage. 
> * Find a existing good mpg123 frontend, modify it, let it control the
> mpg123 on another computer through ssh or even let inetd bring up the
> mpg123 player and let the fontend talk to a socket. describes how to use
esound (which the mpg123 port is built with) to send audio to a remote
machine.  You could also use xmms, since it has esd support too.  I

        Dan Nelson
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