Hi Guy Harrison,
you wrote.
>> Do you get the same result if booting without ACPI?

GH> Yes. I'm assuming here that the [default] boot option does not have ACPI
GH> enabled (if so, how to disable it?). The boot results are identical to
GH> when I select option 2 to boot with ACPI enabled.

I too get a page fault when trying to boot from that ISO on a P3 1GHZ
with SiS 630 chipset. I think my memory is fine as it ran through 10 memtest runs
without a single problem (my original motivation was to install 5.2.1
on that box to check whether the weird MySQL issue really doesn't
exist on Intel CPUs).

It is fine on an Athlon XP2400 using VIA KT400 based mainboard though.


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