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Subject: setting up a printer - best method?
Date: 28/02/04 13:51

> I've read the handbook on setting up bsd style printers, and i've used
> cups some before i started using freebsd.  the bsd style printing
> mechanism looks complicated to me, i didn't have consistent success with
> cups.  i'm interested in what method is generally the easiest and what
> method is the best. the two printers i will deal with most are a parallel
> port panasonic laser printer i have at home that i would like to set up as
> a shared network printer (shared through my bsd box with other bsd boxes
> and a windows XP laptop) so all my home computers can use it, and a big
> lexmark laser printer at work that is networked (has an ethernet card in
> the printer).  would somebody with experience setting up printing for bsd
> machines give me some direction, suggestions, or pointers? (links to
> useful articles-howtos are always welcome)  and perhaps, what is outlined
> in the handbook is the best way to go.  i just wanted to ask.
> aaron

Just weblinks:

Chapter 11 Printing

Printing Clients and Servers

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