I recently installed Postfix MTA and Courier-Imap. Postfix
is working correctly. I configured Courier-Imap, all seems
well except i get a message when trying to connect from
client saying "Fatal error: /home/barry/Maildir: Permission

I have created /usr/local/etcuserdb and run pw2userdb.
I chmod 700 /usr/local/etc/userdb
I created /home/barry/Maildir
I ran userdb "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" set home=/home/barry
mail=/home/barry/Maildir uid=x gid=x
Then i ran userdbpw | userdb "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" set
.. and finally ran makeuserdb

I think maybe i got the uid and gid incorrect. I thought
that these were the values are stated in /etc/passwd (but
maybe not?). What else could it be?

Thank you 
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