I have looked at the web cvs sources as well as my own form this weeks current and I would like to know if someone smarter than me could import the new drivers for agpgart support. I have been running in pci mode since I bought my board and would like to do some gaming without windows. I have looked at the source code and I could rewrite the driver myself, but I know it would not run for some time because I would screw it up with my lack of experence. If anyone else is intrested you can download the source code for linux from www.nvidia.com for both 386 and AMD64 platforms. As far as I can tell the people at nvidia have not have not yet split the video card and chipset drivers apart for freebsd, so people like me with ati video cards on a nforce board have no 3d without porting the linux stuff. There is also code for audio and lan drivers in the source also if anyone is interested.

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