Brach Janney wrote:

I might have missed it in the long amount of FAQ pages.
Is FreeBSD only for 64bit processors. If so can we set up a
"Donations to Brach Janney so that he may use our operating system" page.
Thank you for your time.

And here is a place to send any info you might have that is not posted on the web page.
Brach Janney
Age 16
5367 Cherokee Dr nw
North Canton, Ohio 44720

-until we meet again, ado-
Brach Janney


If you:

   Use FreeBSD to set up a hosting service,
   charge your customers, and save your


   Package your own "distribution" of
   FreeBSD and provide technical support
   for your money-paying clientele at $X.00
   per call and save your profits ....


{insert $strategy here}

You might be able to afford that 64-bit
box a bit sooner.  Good luck! :-D

More seriously, you might want to
read the FreeBSD handbook:

--- it will tell you a lot about FreeBSD;
it includes the following statement:

"FreeBSD is a 4.4BSD-Lite based
operating system for the Intel
architecture (x86) and DEC Alpha
based systems. Ports to other
architectures are also underway."

My first FreeBSD machine was a
233MHz Pentium with an ancient
hard drive.  You can learn a lot,
that is, "tons" from involvement
with this OS.  Maybe you're up to
it?  If so, welcome to FBSD-land!

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
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