Tom Munro Glass wrote:
I want to NFS share /usr/ports and /usr/src from a master machine for use by other machines. If I specify -network and -mask options for each share, I get the error:

        mountd[101]: can't change attributes for /usr/src
        mountd[101]: bad exports list line /usr/src

but if I don't have any options, the share works OK?

What am I doing wrong?

I'm doing this, but use in exports:

/usr -ro -maproot=root -alldirs <ip-addresses>

which allows to mount any subdir of /usr, which on the /usr partition.
This way I can mount /usr/doc and /usr/src, readonly. Since I have
/usr/ports on a separate partition, I also have to add a line like:

/usr/ports -maproot=root <ip-addresses>

Take care of what is exported and mounted readonly and not readonly.
Hope that helps.
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