On Sun, Feb 29, 2004 at 05:45:33PM +1300, Tom Munro Glass wrote:
> I want to NFS share /usr/ports and /usr/src from a master machine for use by 
> other machines. If I specify -network and -mask options for each share, I get 
> the error:
>       mountd[101]: can't change attributes for /usr/src
>       mountd[101]: bad exports list line /usr/src
> but if I don't have any options, the share works OK?
> What am I doing wrong?

You've probably got /usr/ports and /usr/src on the same disk
partition.  You can't export two chunks of the same partition to the
same set of client hosts with different flags.  Not only that, but you
can't do anything that even smacks of changing the flags between two
exported subdirectories on a single partition.  Or in other words,
it's the partition that gets exported, rather than the particular
directory trees you specify.  I think, although I could be wrong, that
if you export, say, /usr/src which happens to reside on the /usr
partition, then an NFS client can be persuaded to access files from
anywhere on the /usr partition.

What you should do is put the two subdirectories on the same line in
the exports file:

    /usr/ports /usr/src -network -mask



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